Our Services

Our Services

Gedaliah Borvick (gborvick@gmail.com) and his team are committed to expertly guiding you through the entire process of buying a home in Israel. Here’s a brief overview.

The first step is to create a budget. Bear in mind that the fees (taxes, brokerage, mortgage broker, appraiser and lawyer) can add up to 13% of the purchase price. If you require an Israeli mortgage, we can quickly get you a soft quote.

Your next decision is to determine in which city and neighborhood you want to live.  Issues to consider include proximity to: friends and family, religious and cultural establishments, shopping, transportation, and parks. Upon choosing the neighborhood, we can help you identify the right home by creating a list of priorities, including apartment size, elevator, steps, parking spot, sukkah porch, garden, views, noise, etc.

We will help you retain an engineer to inspect the home and determine whether significant renovations will be required. If renovations are required, we can help you obtain estimates from quality builders before you submit an offer.

We will help you negotiate the deal terms, including: determining what appliances and fixtures will be included in the sale; establishing a payment schedule; resolving timing issues, including closing and occupancy dates; and reaching an agreement on price.

We will help you choose a talented English speaking attorney with real estate expertise. There are many legal issues to be addressed; a good lawyer is worth her weight in gold.

Upon acceptance of your offer, we can help you choose a bank or mortgage broker and retain an appraiser. We can also connect you to reputable insurance companies and introduce you to management companies to look after your home when you are away and, if you're interested, rent out your home either on a long- or short-term basis.

Our compensation is the standard brokerage fee of 2% of the sales price plus VAT, and we will hold your hand through every step of this process. Please note that post-acquisition services, such as management and leasing, will incur additional fees.

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