Rezoning Jerusalem

 Rechavia has been rezoned (Photo: Gedaliah Borvick)

Prior to the creation of the state of Israel, Britain ruled over the land for thirty years and created strict zoning laws regulating Jerusalem construction. Over the past few decades, there has been a movement to rezone Jerusalem in order to encourage greater development of the city.

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 The Kotel. (Photo: Gedaliah Borvick)

Never in our great grandparents’ wildest dreams could they have imagined that we would be able to live and raise our families in our own country, or be able to travel on any given day from practically any place on earth to Jerusalem and pray at the Western Wall (Kotel).

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Modi'in Has Arrived

 Park Modi'in. (Photo: CC-BY-SA Zivya, Wikipedia)

Modi’in is a beautiful, friendly city that has become a popular destination for olim. Founded in 1993, the city is well-planned, with large swaths of protected land for parks and nature reserves.  Modi’in has been designed to become Israel’s fourth-largest city; the population is currently almost 100,000 people and growing, as the long-term plan is to expand to 240,000 residents. 

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Central Tel Mond

 Mevaser Zion Synagogue (Photo:

Imagine you want to live in the center of Israel, within a short commute to business hubs such as Tel Aviv and Herzliya. In your perfect “dream house” scenario, you would like to have a nucleus of English speakers in an intimate, thriving and growing suburban community, which offers relatively inexpensive housing and excellent schools. Sounds impossible? Think again.

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The Source of Israel’s Happiness

 Celebrating Yom Yerushalayim. Photo: Nati Shohat/Flash90

The Better Life Index – also known as the Happiness Report – was recently released by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, rating the highest life satisfaction scores of 36 countries.

The list starts out pretty much as expected, with Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland and Finland – countries that are relatively prosperous, not involved in wars, and shielded from constant global scrutiny – taking the top spots. But that Israel is ranked fifth in the Happiness Report has mystified many people. 

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Housing Reform and its Impact on Overseas Buyers

  Moshe Kahlon. Courtesy of Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Real estate prices in Israel have nearly doubled since 2007 and, over the past decade, soaring housing costs have been a hotly debated political issue. New Minister of Finance Moshe Kahlon’s first promise has been to overhaul the real estate industry and stabilize real estate prices. 

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Hashmonaim: Small Town Values

 Glenwood Synagogue in Hashmonaim

Hashmonaim, located on the outskirts of Modiin, is a popular community for English-speaking olim (immigrants). Its appeal emanates from the town’s warm, close-knit “small town” environment and its excellent central location.

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Vibrant Givat Shmuel

 Ilan Ramon Park (Photo: CC-BY-SA Avishai Teicher, Wikipedia)

Givat Shmuel is a city located in Israel’s “Mercaz” – or central district – and is the largest and fastest-growing community of English speaking students, young professionals and newly-married olim. By studying its history, location and dynamics, we can understand how Givat Shmuel has become a hub for this important demographic.

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