Jerusalem Real Estate: Intrigue and Irony

 7 Chovevei Tzion in Talbieh ( Photo: Josh Gold of Serio Films

After the establishment of the State of Israel, many architecturally distinctive homes got chopped up into small apartments and were populated by displaced families and immigrant families. By the 1960s, these formerly majestic buildings became rundown, due to the heavy wear and tear that they endured, and many of these structures were abandoned.

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Jerusalem’s Streets: Neighborhood Themes

 Israelis hilariously pronounce this street Rechov Linc-o-lin. (Photo:

Throughout the world, many neighborhoods have groups of streets with names related to a specific theme. For example, growing up in Long Beach, New York, I lived on Walnut Street and my friends lived on Olive, Pine, Maple and Beech. Similarly, most of Jerusalem’s neighborhoods have street name themes. 

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Mitzpe Ramon: Not Just a Resort Town

 The Ramon Crater  (Photo: CC-BY-SA Avi Yotham, Wikipedia)

In addition to its wonderful tourist attractions - the Ramon Crater (Machtesh) and the luxurious Bresheet Spa - Mitzpe Ramon is gaining a reputation as an affordable neighborhood which offers its residents a wonderful quality of life.

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Challenge for Overseas Buyers: Apartment Registration

My relatives recently sold their apartment, and the contract signing was delayed by over a month because their identification numbers on the apartment registration were from expired passports, which had since been replaced by new passports with new passport numbers.

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Jerusalem’s Streets: Rechov Hakablan

 Rav Ovadia Yosef lecturing PM Netanyahu. Photo: Ilia Yefimovich/Flash 90

Rechov Hakablan has become one of Jerusalem’s most famous streets, because half of the Knesset’s Shas party members live along this block. The magnet that attracted them was Harav Ovadia Yosef zt”l who lived in a modest apartment on the street. 

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Bnei Brak: Where Past and Present Meet

 Gastronomical delights of Bnei Brak. Photo: Pini

Bnei Brak is Israel’s largest city comprised primarily of ultra-Orthodox Jews. Located a mere four miles east of Tel Aviv, Bnei Brak has become somewhat of a tourist attraction as it offers a glimpse into a distant world or, as some call it, “a shtetl straight out of Eastern Europe circa 1800.”

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Buying On Paper: When to “Just Say No”

I recently wrote an article called “Buying On Paper: A Success Story” explaining the pros and cons of purchasing an apartment “on paper” or, as the British say, “off plan.” Let’s discuss when one should steer clear of not-yet-built apartment projects.

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Construction Project Manager: Luxury or Necessity?

 Talbieh, Jerusalem (Photo: Gedaliah Borvick)

My client wanted to purchase an apartment in a particular building in Jerusalem’s lovely Talbieh community but had no interest in doing renovations. “Find me a renovated 3-bedroom apartment in this building and I’ll purchase it immediately,” was his directive. We canvassed the entire building numerous times, but unfortunately no such apartment came onto the market for two years.  Finally, a 3-bedroom unit became available for sale but, alas, it required a complete renovation. I called the client and explained that an apartment with lovely views just came onto the market at a fair price but it needed work. His initial response was that the deal was not for him.

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