The Source of Israel’s Happiness

 Celebrating Yom Yerushalayim. Photo: Nati Shohat/Flash90

The Better Life Index – also known as the Happiness Report – was recently released by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, rating the highest life satisfaction scores of 36 countries.

The list starts out pretty much as expected, with Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland and Finland – countries that are relatively prosperous, not involved in wars, and shielded from constant global scrutiny – taking the top spots. But that Israel is ranked fifth in the Happiness Report has mystified many people. 

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Housing Reform and its Impact on Overseas Buyers

  Moshe Kahlon. Courtesy of Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Real estate prices in Israel have nearly doubled since 2007 and, over the past decade, soaring housing costs have been a hotly debated political issue. New Minister of Finance Moshe Kahlon’s first promise has been to overhaul the real estate industry and stabilize real estate prices. 

2015-06-16 17:04:17
Hashmonaim: Small Town Values

 Glenwood Synagogue in Hashmonaim

Hashmonaim, located on the outskirts of Modiin, is a popular community for English-speaking olim (immigrants). Its appeal emanates from the town’s warm, close-knit “small town” environment and its excellent central location.

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Vibrant Givat Shmuel

 Ilan Ramon Park (Photo: CC-BY-SA Avishai Teicher, Wikipedia)

Givat Shmuel is a city located in Israel’s “Mercaz” – or central district – and is the largest and fastest-growing community of English speaking students, young professionals and newly-married olim. By studying its history, location and dynamics, we can understand how Givat Shmuel has become a hub for this important demographic.

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Tzur Hadassah: An Alternative for Young Jerusalemites

 Tzur Hadassah

Tzur Hadassah is one of Jerusalem’s suburbs and is undergoing a major expansion. Nestled in the Judean Hills within Israel’s “green line,” the community is just a short drive to Hadassah’s Ein Kerem medical center and eight miles from Jerusalem’s city limits. Interestingly, it is gaining the attention of many young Jerusalemites looking to raise their families in more pastoral settings.

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Connection and Commitment

 Funeral of Dan Uzan. (Photo credit:

While visiting Italy last week, my wife and I attended the Florence Jewish community’s memorial service for Dan Uzan, the Jewish man who was slain outside a synagogue in Copenhagen, Denmark.  Two weeks earlier, soon after returning home from a week of meetings in England, I was informed that a kosher restaurant in London which we had visited was vandalized by a youth gang. 

2015-03-02 22:50:01
Protecting Clients From Themselves

We all try to retain top professionals – be it doctors, lawyers, etc. – to protect our families. Similarly, My Israel Home has had the great pleasure and responsibility for the past half decade to protect our clients’ interests when buying and selling homes in Israel. Although most clients make level-headed decisions, we have witnessed a small minority of clients who have allowed their hearts, rather than their heads, guide their decision-making. 

2015-01-18 18:45:53
Zionism For The Jet-Set

 Herzliya's Marina (Photo: CC-BY-SA Adiel Lo, Wikipedia)

The Hamptons in Herzliya Pituach represents what Rabbi Schneier considers to be a natural progression of his original vision for The Hampton Synagogue: to create a luxurious neighborhood that appeals to the affluent, Hamptons-style Jewish population and helps engender a visceral attachment with Israel.

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