My Israel Home RSS Feed My Israel Home's Blog's rss feed. en-en images/rss.gif Breaking Up Is Hard To Do We recently marketed an apartment in Jerusalemamp;rsquo;s Greek Colony. After three families made similar initial proposals, one buyer raised his bid and the owner accepted his revised offer. While the lawyers were revising the contract and the buyer was completing his due diligence, another potential purchaser showed up at the selleramp;rsquo;s door and submitted an offer that was 500,000 NIS higher than the accepted price. The owner, in an impressive show of menshlichkeit, refused to accept... Tue, 03 Oct 2017 14:30:00 +0200 Inspiration in a Garage On Tu Bamp;rsquo;Av amp;ndash; the holiday of love amp;ndash; amp;nbsp;I was in a small Talpiot, Jerusalem alley lined with automobile repair shops, when I was invited to join a Mincha (afternoon prayer) service. The prayers took place in a tiny office behind one of the garages, filled with a quorum of mechanics, replete with oil-stained hands and grime under their fingernails. Some men had flowing beards and black velvet yarmulkes, others were clean shaven and sporting yarmulkes of all diffe... Fri, 01 Sep 2017 00:16:00 +0300 Park Hamesila: An Urban Oasis What do you do with almost 4.5 miles of old abandoned train tracks left in disrepair? The Jaffa-Jerusalem Railway was completed in 1892 and operated for over one hundred years until 1998. In 2005, Israel Railways opened a new Jerusalem station at the Malcha Station. The unused tracks between Malcha and the old Jerusalem Railway Station became neglected and filled with litter. The Jerusalem Municipalityamp;rsquo;s initial plan was to replace the deserted train tracks with a road, along... Sun, 06 Aug 2017 11:06:00 +0300 Investing in Israel Real Estate Two clients recently asked us to help them purchase investment properties in Israel. Liat lives in Israel and wanted to buy a small Jerusalem apartment for her children, which they could flip in a few years to acquire a larger home in a less expensive community. Jonathan wanted to get a amp;ldquo;piece of the rockamp;rdquo; which he could sell in a decade and use the profits to purchase a larger apartment for his familyamp;rsquo;s use. amp;nbsp;Jerusalem project under construction (Photo:... Mon, 03 Jul 2017 20:08:00 +0300 Meet You at the Garden! A few months ago, my friend and I agreed to meet at the garden where 29th meets 35th. Sounds like we were meeting in Manhattan to catch a sporting event at Madison Square Garden. Better than that, we were getting together in the center of Jerusalem. In the beautiful neighborhood of Old Katamon, Kaf Tet Bamp;rsquo;November (The 29th of November) is a charming street named in honor of the date when the United Nations General Assembly approved the partition plan and the creation of the Jewis... Wed, 26 Apr 2017 13:15:00 +0300